Your Sonicare toothbrush head should be replaced every 2-3 months, we have 2 pack replacement heads available. 

Nu Radiance Forte Teeth Whitening Gel

Nu Radiance Forte with calcium strengthens and whitens teeth at the same time, without causing sensitivity. Forte's blend of activated gels require only brief 30 minute wear- times. Forte's calcium rich formula is also effective in treating white spots from de-calcification, such as following orthodontic (bracket) treatment. See exceptional whitening results in as little as 5-8 days while increasing tooth surface hardness and promoting healthier teeth.  This whitening option is for custom trays that can be fabricated here in our office made to fit you specifically. 



Candice Gibbons Teeth Whitening and Sonicare Products

Philips Sonicare Flexcare

With nine unique brushing options, an intuitive pressure sensor and advanced brush head technology, the Philips Sonicare FlexCare toothbrush goes beyond traditional cleaning to deliver exceptional plaque removal and improved gum health.  Comes with 2 brush heads, 3 modes, and 3 intensities with pressure sensor. 

Here, at Dr. Gibbons' office we offer Sonicare toothbrush products as well as teeth whitening options.  Check out the products that we offer to see what would be best for you and your families dental care needs. 

Payment Options 

​We will be more than happy to submit all insurance forms for you and help you recover the most from your benefits, however, any patient deductibles or co-payment will be due at the time of service. We will do everything we can to help you afford the treatment you need and want. Payment plans are available and designed with appropriate payment schedules through Care Credit. Forms of payment accepted by the office are check, cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover.

We accept most insurances and participate with the following: 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

Delta Dental PPO

Aetna Dental PPO

Cign Radius PPO

Metlife PDP 

Sheer White Whitening Film

Sheer White is easy to apply and adapts tightly to the shape of your teeth with no leakage. Sheer Film technology ensures a comfortable fit for up to two hours of whitening. With its 20% carbamide peroxide formulation, you will have a pleasant whitening experience with less sensitivity and no effect on their daily activities. You can speak normally and even have a drink while wearing Sheer White.  Cost?  Only $25.00.